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to adopt any of t▓hese improvements”; and, as to rifles, “it▓ was ridiculous to suppose that two● armies could fight at a dis●tance of 500 or 600 yards!” Eve●n the Secretary of State for War, afterward▓s Lord Panmure, stated that the weapons, th●at is, the percussion musket, “were better▓ than all the inventions that c▓ould be discovered.” Certes, he lived long en●ough to be “sorry he spoke,” for of▓ the musket he so be-praised, it was offic●ia

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lly declared, in 1846, that “fire should ▓never be opened beyond 150 yards, and certainly▓ not exceeding 200 yards,” for “at this dist▓ance half the number of shots missed the targe▓t, measuring 11 feet 6 inches, and at 150 yards ▓a very large proportion also missed!” I●t is but forty years since these ideas wer●e he

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  • no fancy for such new-fangled▓ ideas, a feeling shar
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  • hief, who was always irascible ▓with inventors and th
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